Transformational health coaching


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For those on the hustle and bustle of city life, we will pause and reflect. Then tune in to your own extraordinary and you’ll see how peak performance and feeling optimal day in-and-out come from choosing greatness for your health.

Create the Harmony in your health that you seek.
Sharon Leidelinger, Certified Holistic Health

Sharon Leidelinger, Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

create the harmony in your health that you seek

Satisfied Clients

  • Working with Sharon has completely changed how I look at my health. It’s no longer a chore filled with excuses. She helped me take action and has supported me unlike how I imagined. I just signed up to another 3 month Program with her. Can’t recommend her enough.

    Rene R.
    Director of Business Development
  • Sharon was great at listening to me, she helped me find out where I need it to focus on and then she help me out executing. Great help that im still using in my whole approach of maintaining a physical and mental and spiritual balance in my daily life.

    Jose M.
    Entrepreneur, Wine Importer
  • Sharon was wonderful in her approach. She listened to me and pushed me to new levels. With her constant support I was able to instill habits that I continue to put to practice every day because they have resulted extremely worthwhile.

    Claude D.
    Regional Sales Manager